Summer Associate Program

Lewis Wagner provides a Summer Associate Program for rising third-year law students. Our program offers a unique opportunity for law students to gain experience in the various area of civil litigation and business transactional work. Summer associates conduct legal research, draft motions and pleadings, conduct investigations, interview witnesses, assist with trial preparation and work directly with clients and attorneys during their summer at Lewis Wagner.

The attorneys at Lewis Wagner are committed to exposing summer associates to hearings, trials, depositions and mediations to educate and expose summer associates to the various aspects and stages of civil litigation. Through this experience, our summer associates will encounter and observe the varying styles and techniques of our attorneys.

Lewis Wagner prides itself on having a hard-working yet social work culture. In hiring summer associates, Lewis Wagner has an eye towards individuals who ultimately make a good fit with our work culture. Several firm activities are planned throughout the summer to ensure that our summer associates are well acquainted on a personal level with each and every one of our outstanding lawyers. 

Although every attorney at the firm is committed to providing instruction and mentoring to the summer associates, select attorneys will act as a liaison for the summer associates. Summer associates will receive feedback regarding their individual projects, and they will also receive a mid-summer evaluation to provide constructive feedback, and a comprehensive evaluation of their overall performance at the end of the summer. 

Lewis Wagner participates in on-campus interviews at Indiana University Maurer School of Law and Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. Lewis Wagner also participates in the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Diversity Job Fair and the Robert H. McKinney Student Bar Association’s Job Fair. If an interested candidate is unable to participate in either the on-campus interviews or job fairs, they should send their resumes, cover letter and copy of their law school transcript to attorney Meghan Ruesch, Hiring and Recruitment Chair, via Krystal Street at or by mail.


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For the 2023 Summer Associate Program, Lewis Wagner will be participating at the following events:

  • Indianapolis Bar Association Diversity Job Fair
  • Indiana University Maurer School of Law
  • Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

How do I apply? 
If you are unable to attend or participate in either the above mentioned on-campus interviews or job fairs, please send a copy of your resume, cover letter, and copy of your law school transcript to the Meghan Ruesch, Hiring and Recruitment Chair, via Krystal Street at or by mail.

How many summer associates do you anticipate hiring for the 2023 summer program? 
Lewis Wagner anticipates they will hire two summer associates for the 2023 summer program.

At what schools do you conduct on-campus interviews? 
We conduct on-campus interviews at Indiana University Maurer School of Law and Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. We also participate in the Indianapolis Bar Association Diversity Job Fair.

Are resumes welcome from students attending law schools other than those law schools where on-campus interviews are held? 
Yes. We encourage law students from all law schools to submit resumes. Send a copy of your cover letter, resume and law school transcript to Meghan Ruesch, Hiring and Recruitment Chair, via Krystal Street at or by mail.

Can you describe the interview process? 
On-campus interviews are typically 20 minutes in length which allows us to meet as many candidates as possible. Select students are invited for call-back or second round interviews to meet the rest of the Hiring/Recruiting Committee as well as other partners and associates.

What is the minimum amount of time I must commit to the summer program?
The Summer Program begins in the middle of May, upon the conclusion of the second semester of law school and concludes in the middle of August.

What type of assignments will I receive?
Summer associates receive projects in various practice areas. Projects may involve legal research and analysis, drafting discovery or working with a client to respond to written discovery, obtaining statements from witnesses, investigation, and brief writing. Summer associates may also be asked to provide assistance in preparing for depositions, court hearings, and trial. Summer associates are encouraged to attend as many trials, court hearings, depositions, and mediations as possible during the summer program.

How are assignments distributed to summer associates?
Attorneys assign projects to summer associates directly. The summer associate liaisons will make every effort to accommodate requests for work from a specific practice area. Summer associates are also assigned to a variety of projects, so that each summer associate has the opportunity to work with as many firm members and practice areas as possible during the summer program.

What resources are available to summer associates?
Summer associates have access to all firm resources including Westlaw and a personal computer.

How does the evaluation and offer process work?
The individual attorney assigning a project will provide feedback to the summer associate on their performance for a specific project. The summer associate will also receive an informal evaluation midway through the summer, and a more comprehensive evaluation at the end of the summer. The firm’s attorneys complete written evaluation forms for each summer associate at the conclusion of the summer program with recommendations as to whether the candidate should be considered for an associate attorney position. A compilation of the written evaluations is shared with the summer associate at the end of the summer program and decisions concerning the extension of offers are generally made in September or early October.

What kind of training will I receive?
The Summer Associate Program begins with an orientation to familiarize each summer associate with the firm, resources, procedures, and the expectations for summer associates. Assigning attorneys will provide guidance on individual projects. Occasional seminars will be held throughout the Summer Associate Program to educate summer associates on a variety of topics. Summer associates also have the opportunity to attend formal educational programs, activities, and lunches sponsored by various legal organizations.

What kinds of summer social events does the firm offer?
The summer program begins with a Meet & Greet where new summer associates can mingle with members of the firm at a local restaurant/bar. The summer program ends with a party to show the firm’s appreciation of the summer associates.

What is your firm's dress policy? 
Lewis Wagner has adopted a business casual policy. Many lawyers routinely dress casual and jeans are permitted. We strongly recommend having a suit on hand in the event you are invited to attend a court hearing, deposition, or mediation. 

How will you decide whether to make me an offer at the end of the summer?
Summer associates who have demonstrated excellent work ethic, professionalism, and integrity and have produced quality work throughout the summer program will be considered for an associate position with Lewis Wagner. The firm’s hiring decisions are communicated in late September through early October.

Are first-year law students considered for the student program? 
No. Lewis Wagner's summer associate program is for rising third-year law students only.

Does your law firm have a written anti-discrimination policy?
Yes. We are an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination in employment on any basis prohibited by law, including race creed, color, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. Lewis Wagner takes pride in its diverse firm culture.

Lewis Wagner is responsive to diversity issues both within the firm and in the local and national legal communities we serve. We believe diverse ideas, backgrounds and experiences promote an inclusive culture and strengthens our ability to provide effective, useful counsel to our clients.