Experienced Lawyers with Practical Solutions

Since 1955, the attorneys of Lewis Wagner have provided pro-active counsel for individuals, small businesses, governmental agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our unique approach inspires imaginative and practical solutions for clients and utilizes traits all too rare today – common sense, and accountability. 

Our success is based on our ability to help clients meet their legal and business goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have never forgotten that the legal industry is a client-service business, and our success is measured by exceeding the expectations of our clients.


The mission of Lewis Wagner, LLP is to provide excellent legal services at a competitive price to a broad array of local and national clients; to actively engage in professional and community organizations to enhance our members, the legal profession, and to benefit the community at large; and, to offer a stable, thriving, diverse, inclusive, and technologically advanced work environment that fosters the professional and personal development of all persons working at the Firm.


Lewis Wagner, LLP is a premier legal service provider. We deliver value for our clients with an emphasis on service, responsiveness and positive results. Our work enhances our reputation as collegial, diverse, hardworking, incisive, aggressive and principled lawyers. We meet client needs with a broad range of quality services. We attract talented individuals who enhance our Firm, our Vision, and our Values by providing a unique, inclusive, and rewarding experience. We encourage a workplace in which empowering individual ideas results in creative and practical problem-solving and collective success. We provide an exceptional client experience.


Lewis Wagner, LLP is guided by our core Values and our commitment to those Values which allows us to execute our Vision, Mission, Strategic, and Long-Range Plans in a cohesive, decisive, and proficient manner. We execute our work with these Values top of mind:

1. Integrity. The work we do for clients is important, significant, and sometimes life-changing. We expect honest, responsive, and thoughtful interaction and work product from all Firm members.

2. Inclusiveness. The diversity that individual Firm members, clients, colleagues, and business partners bring to the table enriches our decision-making and improves our results. We embrace the opportunity to include diverse people and ideas. We champion equality.

3. Accountability. A culture that instills reliability and confidence is critical to success. Goals and expectations are clearly communicated. We account for our own actions, accept responsibility for them, and disclose the results in an appropriately transparent manner.

4. Innovation. Exceptional service requires awareness of the dynamic legal landscape. Our proactive thinking inspires creative solutions.

5. Service. Professionalism and social consciousness inspire us to serve. Our Firm members are privileged to serve in many capacities including to each other, our families, our clients, and our community.