Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Resolving Conflicts 

When faced with a legal dispute, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) are popular and cost-effective ways to reach resolution. The mediation process often produces results that are more successful and fair to all parties involved, allowing both sides to voice their opinions outside of an often heated adversarial system. 

Our attorneys are experienced in serving as effective third-party mediators. We offer our clients a choice of several highly skilled attorney-mediators on staff, all of whom work diligently to resolve conflicts. 

Additional benefits of using mediation as a means to resolve disputes include:

  • Fostering working relationships between you and opposing parties
  • Saving the costs inherent in other dispute resolution options
  • Resolving disputes faster and more efficiently than through litigation
  • Preserving confidentiality concerning disputes and related information
  • Maintaining control to avoid contingent liability issues

Our attorneys also provide negotiation and mediation strategy services. From time to time you may desire outside legal assistance to help you develop a negotiation strategy for mediation of complex cases. We can assist you with case evaluation, discussion of negotiation tools, and creation of a negotiation strategy to get you to your settlement goals.



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